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Travel Photography

I always dreamed of make a living of travel photography. As a sport photographer I was since 2003 to 2013 I had the opportunity to travel a lot and with my camera. Enjoying free time with your camera hanging out always drives to great pictures.

I went to Munich two times in 2008 and the city captivated me, with its spirit of small village but its soul of metropolis. Munich is a beauty, plenty of well conserved architecture, its inhabitants have a particular lust for life that is present in the many restaurants where you can taste traditional Bavarian food or international dishes and of course delicious beer. Beer gardens are a must, and the one located in the chinese tower in english garden is the most typical, although you have some other smaller and charming if you go deep in the park. English Garden is a big park in the middle of the city that provide not only oxygen to breathe but let Munich people relax and enjoy nature, other sign of lust for life in Germany.

About two hours driving from Munich is Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a middle age fortified village that preserves it antique charming typical Bavarian buildings and church and attracts visitors with its Christmas stores opened all year long.

Another great stroll is Füssen. Close to Alp See it’s a crossroads of the Romantic Route which many do on a bicycle with The Alps on background. The village is also very typical and charmimg and it’s close to Neuschweinstein Palace which is one of the mail landmarks in Germany and som say it was inspiration for Walt Disney to design Disney’s emblematic castle.

Travel in Spain is also amazing. Spain is quite varied and all its coasts are different. The Mediterranean is dry and warm and the north shore is deep green but colder. Mallorca Island is one of the most known destinations by people from center Europe. Many Swiss, German, Austrian and British come to Mallorca to get a nice look at its coves, food and wild party.

Some other come driving through France to discover the Basque Country and the coast of Asturias, always green and incredible! You can see the sea from the mountains and the great mountains from the see. Eat wonderful meat. Taste Cabrales cheese, a variety of blue cheese from the mountains that has nothing to envy Roquefort or enjoy fresh seafood while drinking Asturian traditional non sparkling apple cider.

Ever been to one of this places? Do you like the pictures? What’s your favorite travel destination? Leave a comment below.