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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is not about reflecting who the person being photographed is. It’s about how the photographer sees the other one. It’s the product of a relationship. If you see the first frames of a session you’ll see nothing, once the subject has talked with the photographer, they have seen each other to the eyes and a relationship has started is when results come to life. Some of my subjects say «Please be careful! I don’t look good in pictures… never» and I reply, just let me show you how I see you. It always works! Once they take a look at my first frames they get rid of shame and they real self comes out and many times the magic happens.

I have shot many football players. I can tell it is a difficult task. Many of them are just exhausted of interviews, many times there is only ten minutes to do an interview and the photo shooting and the writer… we’ll you know writers… they just want to ask anything, so you have to think fast and have prepared a corner to do the magic in one minute and even worst sometimes the player starts leaving after just one shot! There is where photographers have to take out the best of their abilities and do the talk to free the subject from his own mind and let him see you are different, so he’ll stop and the magic can happen, it’s not matter of time, it’s matter of expertise. Many times being a portrait photographer doesn’t have to with your photographic skills but with your speech and relationship skills.

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